Who we are?

We are Virgilio and Matias. Two flying enthusiast friends who enjoy the flying environment and especially cross-country soaring. Our planes and gliders are the most precious machines to us. That’s why we like to thoroughly take care of them.

What we do?

We are specialists in aircraft, glider and ULMs covers manufacturing. We provide state-of-the-art cover solutions, with the most advanced textile technology, world-class quality standards at the most affordable price in the market.

Why Kairos?

In Greek mythology Kairos is the God of weather and the seasons. He is depicted as having a pair of wings on his back and a scale in his hands. Kairos is the key to be successful in unpredictable and unusual situations. Ancient Greek had two words for “Time”. While Chronos is quantitative, Kairos has a qualitative nature. Time, quality, weather, seasons, wings, unpredictable situations, success. All these features describe our covers very accurately.

Where we are?

Our HQ is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our marketing, research and development departments are located there. However, as our current world requires us to be more competitive and globalized every day, our manufacturing facilities are located in Asia, which allows us to reach top- quality products, make our covers at the highest international quality standards, offer the most affordable prices in the world, and optimize logistics between our factory and our final customers all across the American continent.

About Our Covers

Our covers are designed for both soft friendly environment as well as harsh outdoor environments. Our covers are made from a waterproof outside shell.

The inner cotton layer acts as a soft protective that will not damage your aircraft finish. The lower side of the wing and elevator covers are made with a ventilating mesh fabric. Covers are made with high quality zippers, Velcro fasteners and sewn in grommets with cords for easy installation and storage removal. Each set includes a zippered storage bag.


Protection of surfaces and instruments from UV rays.

Protection against rain, dust and dirt.

They prevent potential tears due to impacts during travel.

Self-polishing action with the movement of the fabric.

Robust and lightweight fabrics. Easy to handle by one person.


Canopy Covers

High-quality canopy covers that protect against dust and water. A canopy cover protects the canopy against scratches, dust and UV radiation, and cockpit equipment and instruments against overheating and direct sunlight. The canopy covers are made from high-quality fabrics. There are two variants. Cotton single layer canopy covers (does not protect against rain or moisture) or waterproof two-layer canopy covers.

Dust Indoor Covers

Inside storage cotton cover sets. They are made of soft but durable heavy-weight cotton to keep hangered aircrafts clean and protected from inside elements. These high-quality covers are available at prices well below all-weather covers.

All-Weather Covers

All-weater covers are made from a waterproof outside shell and an inner cotton layer. The lower side of the wing and elevator covers are made with a ventilating mesh fabric. Recommended for soft, friendly environments.

Reinforced All-Weather Covers

Reinforced All-Weather covers are the same as All-Weather but the inner layer has wider, stronger netting fabric protecting the surfaces better than the single cotton layer. Recommended for unpredictable, harsh environments.

Extra HAIL protection

Protection is provided by padding made up of multiple thick layers of special breathable mesh material attached with Velcro to the wings and elevator underneath the standard all weather covers. Although there is no expressed guarantee that this option will prevent all damage the impact from hail or incidental, light impacts can be considerably reduced.

DISCLAIMER: The use of All-weather covers with HAIL PROTECTION does not guarantee under no circumstances that your aircraft will not be damaged because of severe or extreme weather conditions. Even though they can considerably reduce the risk of damage to your aircraft, no set of covers can replace a safe and secure hangar. In the presence of unfavorable weather conditions, we strongly recommend taking the preventive measures needed.

Window for solar panel.
Two set of wing-tips (Ex. With or without winglets)
Call-Sign or competition ID.
Hail Protection Option.

How to buy?

Please reach out to us through our websites contact form or e-mail Provide us with as much information about your glider as possible: make, model, wing-extension, winglets, version, type of cover desired, etc. We will quote the covers and, as covers are sewn on demand, we will require a full upfront payment to process the order. Manufacturing process lasts about 2 weeks. Final expected delivery time will vary depending on customer’s delivery address. We accept cash, wire-transfer and PayPal* as payment options.